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Automatic control valves, s.l.

Design, manufacturing and selling solenoid valves for liquid fuel, LPG and Ad Blue pumps and dispensers.

For approximately one decade, Automatic Control Valves has been specialised in designing, manufacturing and selling solenoid valves, following Directives 94/9/EC on explosive atmospheres, according to Certificates LOM 02 ATEX 2032X and LOM 03 ATEX 2003X.

Solenoid valves for petrol, Ethanol (E-85), Biodiesel and LPG (liquid petroleum gas) dispensers.

ACV’s current size helps them to develop extraordinarily reliable solenoid valves with an optimum price/quality ratio following rigorous quality and design patterns, using different materials and elastomer for each fluid, for supply flows of 50.90 and 130 l/min. for liquid fuel and 40 l/min. for LPG.

Solenoid valves for Ad Blue dispensers.

For vehicles with "blue technology" engines, ACV has developed a small range of valves suitable for Ad Blue to be installed in pumps to work in environmental conditions encompassing temperatures from - 20ºC to + 55ºC.

We develop products on demand

Working with its customers, Automatic Control Valves designs "custom built" valves according to their needs.



In ACV we work on designs with our customers and we optimise the valves for each application.


We manufacture valves made of aluminium, bronze and stainless steel whilst incorporating EExmIIT flameproof operators and coils from suppliers approved by ATEX Laboratories from LOM and CESI indistinctly.


Automatic Control Valves currently includes the most important pump manufacturers in the world within their customer portfolio. The headquarters are located in Hernani (Basque Country) Spain, with 70% of current production intended for the foreign market, to customers throughout Europe, Asia and America.

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